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what can be done with jackhammer

Things You Can Do With A Jack Hammer

For a jackhammer operator, the tool itself can help to guide and assist under various different construction industry applications. Before tools like this – the construction field looked very different than it does now. The invention of air compressors and electric and pneumatic jackhammer equipment – revolutionized how concrete floors, roadways, rock points, and other hard surfaces were broken apart.

Demolition hammers are insufficient to get the job done, as it takes much longer, and flying debris can get in the way of doing the job safely.

You can use a jackhammer for many different things, but nothing beats the noise of jackhammers on asphalt and concrete. In construction, it is the only way to get the job done securely and efficiently.

How to Properly Operate a Jack Hammer

Using a jackhammer is one thing, but if you are using a tool in construction, you need to know how to operate the equipment and understand what the task requires correctly. Jackhammers work differently per the – type and weight.

If you plan on breaking up a bunch of old concrete to lay down something new, you need to know how to jackhammer in a straight line and understand the maximum efficiency of your tools.

Jackhammers are incredibly powerful, and it is essential that you do not apply any force or weight to the equipment when you are using a jackhammer. The jackhammer is there to do all the work for you, and the operator just needs to adhere to the proper safety precautions and position the tool properly. It should lean slightly backward, and the slight angle allows for cracking whatever surface you are working on.

Dust and substances created by dust, like crystalline silica, may be a bit of an issue and could quickly become a problem. Still, nowadays – if the area is continuously sprayed with water, the dust should stay at bay!

Air Compressor Jackhammer

Air-powered systems work using air hoses and pressurized air – they are perfect for any job outdoors unless you are dealing with a noise level ordinance, as they are relatively loud. Compressed air is sourced through an air compressor and creates an industrial-strength jackhammer!

The air compressor is required for the jackhammer to work. They are composed entirely of steel, making it easy to crack through hard materials, concrete, and other surfaces. For an air-powered unit, the air source, the compressor, is the loudest part about it, but that is what ear plugs are for, and they are still wholly loved by contractors.

Electric Jackhammer

An electric system is not air powered and generally is smaller jackhammers. It is a quiet option if noise poses a problem for the job site. Because they are smaller, they are also lighter but still come in various sizes.

The electric jackhammer requires a power cord and direct power source to plug into, but you are ready to go once they are plugged up. These are easy to use if you are attempting DIY construction or hoping to upgrade your home/rental home.

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Safety Precautions Come First

Because you are dealing with heavy machinery and power – the better control you have over the situation, the better the tool can operate and the safer your body will be.

Safety comes first for any type of construction gear, but when it comes to jackhammers – the task is always remaining secure. Using a jackhammer to break up rock and concrete surfaces requires power; the more power you have, the more dangerous things can be.

Jackhammers are frequently used in public spaces and for public roadwork; therefore, maintaining a safe work environment is not solely for the operator, crew, and those nearby. If you are attempting to break apart a current roadway or operating a jackhammer in public – setting up a perimeter, using signs and a traffic director can be necessary.

Always Utilize Personal Protective Equipment

For those that are operating the jackhammer – personal protective equipment is critical. This helps to prevent injury and other significant issues that can arise on a worksite. The jackhammer may be the right tool, but protecting your body and those around you should always be the highest priority.

If your protection is not prioritized, things can go wrong if an accident is to occur. Without effective defense, you could experience severe bodily harm. Remember – this is a heavy piece of machinery that breaks apart tough materials and surfaces.

When utilizing a jackhammer, your protective hardware should entail the following:

  • Hardhat approved by OSHA.
  • Safety glasses or goggles that are vented should be used to protect your eyes from flying debris.
  • Work gloves are necessary as a jackhammer doesn’t just apply pressure to break asphalt but will also cause friction in your hands during operation. They will prevent blisters and helps minimize the vibration during work.
  • Hearing protection can be used as earplugs or headphones to provide adequate ear protection, especially with operating an air-powered jackhammer.
  • Steel-toed boots.
  • Metatarsal guards can be put into your work boots, or you can buy boots with built-in guards upon purchase.
  • N95 dust masks protect you from any dust inhalation during the chisel.
  • Reflective vest when working on roadways and in public areas.
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Choosing the Right Jack Hammer for the Job

So now the question is – what is the best jackhammer for you? If you are trying to break concrete or asphalt, that is one thing, but if you are stuck between other hard surfaces or other types of jobs – your point of reference may change dramatically.

Picking the right jackhammer for you isn’t as difficult as it may seem – especially when you have professionals like Rent-A-Tool! We have a wide variety of tools and jackhammers commonly used in the construction industry, meant for contractors and even personal use.

Our tools equip you with the power to crack any rock’s surface and chisel out asphalt with skill and precision. Don’t get stuck renting your tools from a less-than-reliable source – when it comes to jackhammers, our tools make all the difference!

Pneumatic Jackhammers

pneumatic jackhammer can facilitate its operations by using air – from an air compressor, allowing for extreme power and pressure when breaking rock or any industrial surface. In other words, they are air-powered systems! Pneumatic jackhammers use compressed air to operate, so all you need to begin your day is the air source and the proper air hoses.

This can be an upside or a downside, as you will be attached to the air hose and compressor no matter what – giving you approximately 75 to 100 feet between yourself and the air compressor. A pneumatic jackhammer is sometimes known as a “paving breaker” because it can break apart pavement at its first point of contact. They are extremely powerful and reliable in demolition – even if you are hooked to an air hose during use.

Hydraulic Jackhammers

Hydraulic jackhammers use a hydraulic pump and hose to chisel away at the rock and other surfaces. These jackhammers can be used in the form of hand operation or for excavating equipment. They are larger and heavier options out of them all and remain fluid-powered systems.

The sheer weight and size of a hydraulic system are that they aren’t as common as air compressors or as easily accessible. Typical construction sites will have an air compressor available to use a jackhammer that needs an attachment. Still, if you use a hydraulic jackhammer, you must tote the hydraulic pump, too – it may not be the most convenient. Still, it remains insanely powerful and valuable when pounding at any pavement.

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Electric Jackhammers

If you are going to use a jackhammer – the most common type is electric. In this day and age, electric options are the most popular and convenient. Electric jackhammers have the latest technology for breaking open any surface quickly and safely. Many manufacturers are progressing in their diversity of electric options.

You will still need a power source as they run off of electricity, but you can utilize an AC outlet or generator to source from. You are stuck with another power cord, and if you are in a space where that isn’t an option, then toting along a generator is required to complete the work necessary.

Electric jackhammers are generally the lightest option on the market, but there are different sizes and weights. The size and weight of your tools should depend on the work you need to complete. The larger and heavier the jackhammer, the easier it will be to break open and work through the surface.

Gas Jackhammers

gas-powered jackhammer uses gas for the unit, allowing for performative operations. They can technically reach and go almost anywhere because they do not need to use a separate power source, neither hydraulic nor air. You would assume then it is the most convenient of any jackhammer but do not make any assumptions…

While gas-powered jackhammers are independent units, they have to use that gas to run, meaning the gas tank is located directly on the system, making it incredibly heavy and, at times, difficult to operate. They also produce exhaust similar to a vehicle’s and, therefore, can only be used anywhere with sufficient ventilation – generally, they are most suited for the outdoors.

These are also the loudest of all the jackhammers, and while using them outside is the best environment for them – if you are dealing with noise compliance, they are still not accessible. This doesn’t change the power sourced from the system; they are beneficial when ripping up foundations, driveways, solid rock, and general demolition.

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Make Sure You Are Using the Right Jackhammer Bits

A jackhammer bit is what creates chisel points when you break apart surfaces. You must determine the right bit for the system when using a jackhammer. The size needed for the shank should be specified by your jackhammer make and model, but there are relatively standard sizes such as 1-1/4″ or 1-1/8″ – both sizes carried by Rent-A-Tool! 

Once the size is determined, you must choose the type of bit that will be most useful and useful for your work. Different bits are used for different projects, and the kind of bit depends entirely on what you need to accomplish. Chisel bits are the most common bit type, but even within the concept, additional models are available.

There are many different types of bits on the market:

  1. Wide Chisel Bits – These wider bits push and poke rubble out of the way. It is flat in nature and looks similar to the head of a shovel. These bits are best used for cleaning surfaces or removing rust and general demolition work.
  2. Narrow Chisel Bits – Narrow bits are very similar to the wide chisel but are a much thinner option that comes to almost a point. You can still break apart large chunks, giving you more control over your actions. These are best used for shaving down, scaling, carving, and cleaning hard surfaces.
  3. Moil Point Chisel Bits – These are standard when operating a jackhammer and a widely popular bit option. They come to a point and look similar to the head of a spear. They are best if you work with a smaller area for starting holes, chipping, or breaking.
  4. Asphalt Bits – These are made specifically for asphalt because it is a much softer material than concrete. It makes it so the power of the jackhammer bit can be used throughout the material but still is broken apart into smaller sections.
  5. Concrete Bits – These are made for concrete floor because it is very hard as opposed to a surface like asphalt. This bit makes it so the force is more significant, and it can still easily rip apart the material.
  6. Brushing Bits – These look similar to a meat tenderizer as they are used to essentially make the pavement more tender and rough so the new surface being laid down adheres well. They are made of steel and utilized before laying down new material.
  7. Scraping Bits – These are more significant bits that look like a large flat surface. They are used like a knife to scrape apart floors or things of that nature. They can remove tile, vinyl, wood floors, carpets, etc.
  8. Tampers – A tamper bit is used to pack materials, and they are almost always square or round to be used in corners.
  9. Drivers – These are meant for driving or pushing specific items in the ground, like pipes, spikes, rods, stakes, or sheathing.
  10. Spade Bits – These bits look like a shovel and are usually used for asphalt surfaces and should never be used on concrete because the point would be damaged or dulled down. They are commonly used to drill through concrete, soil, or turf materials.

Rent Your Jackhammer with Rent-A-Tool Equipment Rentals – Powerful Tools, Powerful Results

There are so many different needs and outcomes when it comes to jackhammers. Still, when it comes to putting in the work and reaching out for a rental – Rent-A-Tool has everything you need regarding cutting-edge technology, durability, and power. We make renting any necessary machinery easy while creating an accessible and affordable experience.

If you need a high-quality jackhammer to complete an upcoming project – dive into our world-class selection and reach out to one of our professional representatives at (718) 395-5939 for a complete consultation and assistance. We are your one-stop shop in Brooklyn for rentals, sales, and specialty tools and equipment!

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